Making money while in school isn’t a bad idea as far it’s legal. However, getting something doing after varsity might seem be a hard thing, particularly for those who didn’t start something while in school. Chances of
getting  a job that pay quite enough are slim. This article will certainly put a smile across the faces of some readers, certainly not all i suppose.
I’ll be suggesting four easy ways you can get yourself some cash.

Yes, i can hear some say ‘what the hell!’. Well, definitely i’m not so much a friend of gamble. Betting isn’t such as bad unless you’re addicted ‘my opinion thou’. With different sport betting outlet in Nigeria, one can keen into it as an avenue to make money. You shouldn’t just jump into this unless you are an adherent follower of sport. If you’re going to place your bet on football make sure you know well about football teams, how they perform, how they play, play pattern, if you are gonna get your guess right. however, i’ll suggest you place your bet on OVER 2.5 CARD and OVER 1.5 games. Most football game should ideally produce about 3 CARDS. However, do watch-out for our  football betting tips article.


Photography could be a professional job, but on the contrary, it can be picked up by anyone without necessarily having a formal training. Many of us take absolutely outstanding pictures with our mobile phones which could be replicated using a digital camera. With your little savings, you can get a cheap camera for a start. Particularly, for those till in school, get people to know you for this( departmental/course mates, lodge/hostel mates, fellowship members etc.). Do one or two free group/individual shoots especially during special events in school such as rag/old school days, election manifestos, matriculation’s and convocations, and if you have little knowledge using Photoshop, you can filter and edit to make it perfect. Handover the free shots to one of those in it, if the picture came out quite good, others will definitely come for their’s. At this point do not give out soft copies of the free shots to any of the participant as it can be easily sent to others F.O.C.

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You can earn some cash with the writing talent you’ve got. Quite a whole lot of blogger/website owners are in need of people who can write for them. You’ll see in most of the blogs in Nigeria “WRITE FOR US” send one or two of your write up to authors of such blog, if he/she find your article interesting, you’ll be contacted and from there ,you can strike a deal.


This goes to bloggers/web owners, with your blog you can earn some cash, though, its quite difficult to get google adsense approval but there are several alternative to this which will be properly dealt with in our subsequent post.


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