I’m glad to share this with my readers, you don’t
need running here ‘n there calling or texting people to send you airtime when
you’re outta airtime when you can sit in the comfort of your living room and
recharge your phone at any time of the day straight from your bank account by
dialing some short codes.
Note: you can only recharge a line you used in
opening your bank account or let’s say a line which you always get alert on
anytime your account is being credited or debited.

 *894*amount# for First bank customers

*770*amount# for Fidelity bank customers

*822*amount# for Sterling bank customers

*737*amount# for GT bank customers

However, GT bank has also provided an avenue whereby
their customers can recharge other line aside from the one used in opening the
bank account. To do this dial 
*737*amount* any phone number#