Some sort of music making revolution is brewing, and one App seems to be at the center of the movement. Not too long ago it would have been impossible to make quality music with other artists remotely, but that code appears to have been cracked. 

The revolution has just begun. It’s called Speazie and it’s as easy as it sounds. A start-up technology that would revolutionize the music industry. It is set the break into Nigeria; the largest African music market.

Speazie is a mobile music recording App and collaboration platform that fits right in your pocket. Whether you’re a vocalist, a producer, or a mix of both, Speazie allows users to create new songs through collaboration and helps artists take your tracks to the next level.

Seven out of the ten richest musicians in Africa are Nigerian. Nigerian music is the fastest growing sector of entertainment, social and cultural industry, it is teeming with talent waiting to be discovered and money waiting to be made. Speazie will connect the ends in the easiest technological and social means possible, making music creation, discovery, collaboration, and sharing available at everyone’s fingertips.

With Speazie, aspiring Nigerian artists or any music lover, can collaborate with users from all over the world, including their favorite celebrities. The App already boasts celebrity signups, including Reggae Sensation Gyptian, UK-based electronic artist LZ7, and many others. Speazie users can find beats they like posted by others or upload their own, record vocals, and even make music videos right from their mobile devices.

With built-in audio presets, Speazie has made it extremely easy for users to get a studio sounding finish to their tracks, even for those with limited or no studio experience. Users can apply audio and video filters and mix down tracks in just a few clicks, dubbing the App as the “Instagram of music.”

Speazie helps talent and stars gain followers on all their social platforms. Users can link all their other social accounts to their profile so others can find them everywhere. They can also share their beats, tracks, and videos to their social accounts right from App, helping artists gain the reach they need both inside and outside of Speazie.

And it’s not just for musicians. Every week Speazie features thousands of new songs, made on mobile, sounding professional and built by people re-discovering the power of music. The constant stream of tracks and videos makes it a vibrant community for non-musicians alike to enjoy content and interact with artists.

The Speazie App is available on both iOS and Android devices.

For more information on Speazie please contact: [email protected]

For all press matters please contact: [email protected]

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