Lyrics:  Johnny Drille – Wait For Me
[Verse 1]
I don’t know when am coming back
I’ll be gone for a little while
but I will keep myself for me and you
I’ll be back for you
I don’t know what the future brings
But I want you to be with me
I go dey hope and pray say make you wait for me
Cos I’ll come back for you
Darling, you hold my love
You are my price
And I’ll run to the finish line
My love I no go leave you run
I no go bounce your call
You’ll be always on my mind
Yeah yeah
I’ll be so far away
Promise you’ll wait for me
I go think of you everyday my love
 Yeah yeah
I may not come today
But I’ll be with you again
I go dey pray for you everyday my love
Yeah yeah
[Verse 2]
As am leaving you behind
Am gonna miss your smile
And the joy you bring to my wretched soul
Your loving makes me whole
This our love will never die
Darling promise you will be mine
See i dey do this thing for you and me
I’ll come back for you
[Repeat Hook]
[Repeat Chorus] x2
My love, I think of you tonight
Cos I no dey by your side
Just wait a little while yeah yeah
Know that am alright
I go see you soon
 Make you wait for me, my dear.