[Verse 1]
Fall back
You don’t want your people dress in, all back
Shots over shots, watch me, Kodak
Hardest with the core rap
And I must have your bluffs number
Cause I’ve been calling it
You know the name, ringing the bell
Ding donging it.
Your online fans are misled, you fool the web
But we have guns that’s big enough to shoot the web, shoot the web
Like peter packer of Spiderman
Got more water than fireman
hose in my hand like fireman
train for the heat like a fireman
the said isn’t me might ever been
ya’all know the G.L
mad with me
I ain’t talking G.Q
[Verse 2]
I’m so Miko
Swag F.A.T
I might want like pole
Don’t make mistakes
Typo typo
Your circle small, like when you type “0”
You won’t see my coming I move like a ninja
Baby you won’t feel it coming Condon in-between there
There is non like me, even if I had a twin here
I’m that bad,
I got Billie Jean jeans
Fall back
Your line no dey connect, make you call back jah
Fall back,
No time if you try tell me all that crab
Fall back
Money on the man of the team, I love that ginger
Cos am trying to raise more greens than master splinter