[Verse 1]
Forget wholla dem demma sinner ya
Demma di mud and mi tell dem mi addi mineral
Mi know dem know seh say Shatta Movement addi synagogue
See demma fighting di truth like dem ignorant
Think seh demma leader ya
The streets know me real loyal
So me tell dem fe put down di guns and live a legal life
Big Ups the Rasta weh seh weed affi legalize
Loyalty inna Nima is a deeper life

What if me and you never realize seh we a fighting fe nothing?
Would you feel alright?
What if me say hylyf addi future life?
What if me say unno never ready fe this?
Mi never need a credit fe this
What if mi seh you affi fix yourself?
Before the country affi fix
Believe in yourself
What if the politricksters seh they don’t believe in us?
What if them say no and we say?
Country ago be inna mess

[Verse 2]
Outta this road
Me is a entertainer
So me sing song fe the people not to give up
Me tell di youths fe work hard, work hard
Me make dem know Jah blessing greater, greater
So as mi trod pon this road
Give the ghetto youth dem hope
Man affi buy di Benz and buy mama house
If is a race mi addi winner ya
We nah want no more ghetto youth funeral
We only want di money and the 5-seater life
All we pray for addi good place only fe give Jah praise
Every ghetto youth will be alright
Yes I believe one day I will see the smiles
A nuh just clucks everyday we ago do the Nikes
A nuh just sports everyday we ago do the flights

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Lyrics of What If by Shatta Wale


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